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Priority Guidelines

Priority Guidelines

Perm Tech has the main business streams which demonstrate strong name recognition:

1. Development of new engines and power plants for using them in space, power, pipelines transfer systems. Perm Tech will set up the centers of scientific, constructional and technological supremacy in the following areas:

  • construction of space and aircraft power plants;
  • material science and metallurgy;
  • additive technologies;
  • robot-based manufacturing technologies;
  • acoustic and acoustic impedance.

2. Workable technologies which are used in deployment of limited, difficult to access and alternative natural recourses (mineral and renewable recourses).

Perm Tech Top priority areas of activities are listed below:

  • intelligent systems of computer-aided process control in oil and gas production for implementing the project called "Digital oil field" with the use of green technologies;
  • mineral recourses refining technology;
  • power economy of renewable recourses , alternative energy sources, hydrogen economy;
  • remote sensing of the land surface;
  • production of the oil and gas equipment, which is run in extreme conditions;
  • production of oil and gas equipment base on the given properties;

3. New materials and design and production technologies on its base.

Perm Tech provides the next R&D areas:

  • unique metal, ceramic, polymer powders for additive technologies;
  • new high endurance, heat resistant, carboniferous, ceramic, metal composites, including smart materials and functionally-graded metals for aircraft and space engines;
  • high purity materials for fiber optic devises;
  • material with given properties for oil and gas equipment production and intelligent navigation systems, active in extreme conditions;
  • new materials, catalysts, complex mineral fertilizers, chemical technologies of non-organic compounds.

4. Sustainable development of urban territories. The following areas will be developed:

  • sustainable development of urban territories, green economy and sustainable building, environmental security;
  • chemical technologies, biotechnologies;
  • life science, biomechanics, biochemistry;
  • energy saving  and power supply, IT and communication technologies;
  • geotechnical engineering and underground development;
  • lean and fast-response production , innovation management;
  • techno-science, social assessment of the engineering systems.

 5. Cross disciplinary problems of material mechanics and constructions.  R&D areas are below:

  • mechanical and physical processes in functionally gradient materials and constructions done.
  • thermo mechanics of materials and constructions in under the conditions of  relaxation and phase transfer;
  • computational mechanics of the materials with memory;
  • aero-physical researches and hydrodynamics;
  • experimental researches of the material properties under conditions of difficult thermo mechanical effect;
  • development of strength analysis methods and assessment of technogenic safety on the base of inelastic deformation and destruction process simulation;
  • non-linear mechanics multiple models of deformable solid, micro-and mesomechanics of engineered materials.

6. Intelligent system development on the base of photonics and robotics. In the frame of this direction the following areas will be developed:

  • industrial and service robots, artificial intelligent, artificial vision,  self-moved devises, gamification;
  • robot aided diagnostic suits for non destructive control;
  • self-acting robot systems working in difficult and extreme external plant conditions;
  • advanced quantum communication and calculations, cyber security;
  • photonics, fiber optic systems, navigation.. 

Perm Tech is always opened for new ideas , projects and R&D.

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