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Partner with us

Partner with us

Perm Tech is one of the leading engineering universities in Russia, and the biggest university in Perm Krai territory. Perm Tech is diversified institution of  higher education providing industrial enterprises with highly-skilled professionals in wide range of specialties.

Perm Tech has a great scientific potential in the following areas: engine manufacturing, power supply plants, natural recourses development, new material development, sustainable development of the urban territories, material and construction mechanics, robotics, intelligent systems and photonics.  Perm Tech is very active in collaboration with foreign partners

Perm Tech collaborates with international partners in education and science. The main goal is to develop the engineering university of the world class.

If you are interested in partnership with our Perm Tech don't hesitate to contact us. We hope that new contacts will activate new challenges in R&D.

International Office

Office 329, main building
Tel./Fax +7 342 219 81 33,
e-mail ums@pstu.ru