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Professional and executive education

Professional and executive education

Postgraduate studies at the PNRPU give an opportunity to citizens with higher education (certified experts or masters) to improve the level of scientific and pedagogical competence.

A postgraduate study is one of the significant directions in scientific and technical policy at the PNRPU .

Here are the main principles of postgraduate studies at the PNRPU :

  • Individually based education process;
  • Compliance of dissertation topics with priority directions in science, engineering and technology development;
  • Scientific and academic mobility of postgraduates, their participation in international programs of scientific and engineering collaboration.

Postgraduate studies at the PNRPU include 62 specializations in the spheres of mathematics, mechanics, chemistry, biology, engineering, computer science, economics, philosophy, philology, pedagogics, sociology, political science and earth science. About 500 postgraduates are currently taught in the leading science schools of diverse university faculties and research centers. Over 140 professors tutor postgraduate dissertation research works.

In each scientific postgraduate specialization you can choose between full-time and postal forms of education as well as the terms of education (budgetary and paid programs). Each form of education affords ground for gaining higher competence.

Final government certification of postgraduates undertaking the basic education program includes passing qualifying exams for the Candidate’s degree in foreign language, the philosophy of science and special disciplines.

Education includes full-time and postal forms. The period of full-time postgraduate education takes three years and a postal postgraduate study takes four years. Full-time postgraduate studies are considered by the length of scientific and pedagogical experience.

Graduates applying for postgraduate studies are interviewed by a prospective science tutor and take competition-based entrance exams in the chief discipline, philosophy and foreign language.

The results of final master’s exams in philosophy and foreign language are taken into account as postgraduate entrance exams under the stipulation that master’s exams have been considered in the individual academic curriculum.

Foreign citizens are accepted for postgraduate studies at the PNRPU in accordance with international agreements and contracts signed by the Ministry of Education and Science of RF, foreign state bodies of education and other organizations as well as direct contracts specifying full payment, training and signed by PSTU with natural and legal persons.

Postgraduate programs (the list of specialities of scientists)

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