Perm Tech is close to the arctic shelf

Perm Tech is close to the arctic shelf

Perm Tech took part in the meeting with Gazprom Neft Shelf, the affiliated company of Gazprom Neft, which is the only oil company making oil on the arctic shelf of Russia.

The meeting took place on the techno park "Morion Digital" platform. During the meeting one could meet representatives of regional innovation enterprises and universities of Perm Krai.

During the session residents of Morion Digital introduced technological solutions to the modern equipment usage for quality control at metallurgy, mechanical engineering. military-industrial enterprises. Also there were presented innovation approaches of the metal products production as well as the work of digital solutions on the real equipment. Participants of the meeting also discussed the possible interaction between the Gazprom Neft Shelf and the regional Scientific-educational center (SEC) for the сo-decision of the currently important technological challenges. 

The main idea of the SEC is the networking with strategic partners. The work is aimed at joint activity that means the work should be system and have a feedback. It is the guaranty of efficient and effective work and allows to attract more customers.

There were presented a lot of projects and results of scientific and research work, which might be interesting for Gazprom Neft Shelf and other companies of the Gazprom Group.

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