PNRPU became the winner of the SCADA Championship in 2017!

PNRPU became the winner of the SCADA Championship in 2017!

Maxim Masalsky, Master student of Information Technologies and Automated Systems (ITAS) under the academic supervision of Daniil Kurushin, Senior Lecturer of ITAS became the winner of the Thirteenth SCADA Championship (competition for the rapid development of the operator interface of the process control system in the SCADA system).

According to the terms of this international competition held by AdAstrA company (Moscow), the rating for different groups of participants is made separately and the winners are identified in two nominations: among students and among the specialists in Computer-Aided Process Control Systems (it is understood that specialists who already have experience in performing the competitive tasks will demonstrate better results). However, in 2017 professionals lost, while the undergraduate student of the PNRPU, Maxim Masalsky, not only won the first place in the student's championship, but also became number one in the competition among specialists.

The topic of the competition was related to the sixtieth anniversary of the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite in the USSR: the participants of the championship were tasked to create the software of the neutron flux monitoring system in the nuclear rocket engine of the interplanetary spacecraft as soon as possible and to develop an operator interface to monitor the process. The excellent result demonstrated by Maxim Masalsky not only granted him the title of the absolute winner of the 2017 championship, but also put Perm National Research Polytechnic University (it was for the first time for PNRPU to take part in this competition) immediately to the fifth place in the general ranking of universities participating in the SCADA Championship (the ranking took into account all the victories of participating universities over the past six years).

Maxim Masalsky and his Academic Supervisor Daniil Kurushin brought awards from the organizers: Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet computers, professional versions of the TRACE MODE 6 SCADA instrument system and TRACE MODE 6 SCADA executive modules.

We hope that the students of the Electrical Engineering Faculty will continue this success and become winners of the SCADA Championship next year!


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