Construction Engineering and Material Science

    Head of the programme: Valery A. Kharitonov, Honoured Qualified Person of Russian Higher Education, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of Real Estate Expert Study Department

    Academic degree: Master’s degree.

    Area of study (qualification):
    270800.68. Civil Engineering

    Priority development areas of PNRPU:
    Urban Development

    Target of the programme:
    training specialists in developing and supporting intellectual technologies of increasing efficiency in socioeconomic system management based on the best and most effective use of big cities.

    Programme characteristics:
    at the moment social and economic systems management technologies implying development and implementation of investment projects in big cities feature low balance of management decisions which are to consider structure and preferences of people living in cities in all aspects of live. This negative phenomenon is in the nature of a system which results from inadequate consideration of human factor and, first and foremost, of inevitable subjectivity of persons who have to take decisions in terms of multi-alternative choice. This Master’s programme involves innovative elements, i.e. unique technologies of motivation and justification of management decisions classified as intellectual ones due to behaviour modelling of the parties in socioeconomic relationships of big cities; and Decon copywrite software products which obtained state registration. These kinds of specialists are in great demand in construction and other fields of urban studies, where enterprises performance improvement is quite possible through determination of priorities in intellectual business environment subject to transparency and documentability of proposed decisions and essential living balance in a multiple society with common values. The programme combines fundamental knowledge of socioeconomic systems and projects management theory, decision-making theory and system analysis with practical training in applied innovative urban development. This Master’s programme is based on a systematic approach which makes it possible to combine the University course real projects for city authorities.

    Target group:
    Bachelors of different areas of study with good knowledge of Economics, Sociology and Information Science.

    Major clients:
    departments, institutions and enterprises of urban areas.

    Possible places of work for the programme graduates:
    - specialists in urban and sub-urban areas development; - system analysts for urban environment social and economic problems; - managers of multi-subject innovation projects.

    Cooperation with research and development institutes and enterprises within the programme:
    the Master’s programme is supported by Management Problems Research and Educational Centre established on basis of Perm National Research Polytechnic University and by the Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), PNRPU scientific and research centre Innovation Management and as well as by Perm Housing and Utilities Administration.

    List of main subjects:
    - Principles of system analysis. - Technologies of investment and construction engineering. - Theory of social and economic systems management. - Theory of decision making. - Project management technologies. - Advanced media technologies in real estate building and operation processes.

    using material and technical facilities of Management Advanced Technologies Laboratory, software systems of Decon (computer-aided systems for complex objects assessment research).

    Competitive advantages of graduates:
    graduates of the Master’s programme earn unique engineering and management competencies in system analysis, such as knowledge of noosphere principles and sustainable development of big cities; as knowledge of economy as science dealing with choices; ability to bring every problem of aggregation of individual criteria into the form of comprehensive evaluation; applying intellectual technologies of risk management and technologies of organization, conducting contests, ratings, castings, etc.; and ability to simulate markets and market relations based on the models of participant preferences.

    Academic staff:
    V.А.Kharitonov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, D.А.Novikov, Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences), V.P.Maksimov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor (Perm State National Research University), А.А.Belykh, PhD in Technical Sciences, Professor (Perm State Agricultural Academy), Е.I.Novopashina (ZAO Eron), А.О.Alekseev, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, К.А.Gureev, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, М.V.Lykov, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor.


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