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Valery G. Ryabov

Valery G. Ryabov

Valery G. Ryabov
Doctor of technical sciences

Tel./fax: +7 (342) 2-391-647

E-mail: xtf@pstu.ru


Dean of Chemical Engineering Faculty, Head of Chemical Technology of Fuel and Carbon Materials Department, PNRPU

  • Use of surfactants in the hydrocarbon sweetening process (Journal of the Oil and Gas Technology. 2011. No.2).
  • Compounding of oxidized and oxidized oil products - perspective way to improve the characteristics of road bitumen (Journal of Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils. 2011. No. 3).
  • Determination of the optimal concentration of depressant and dispersant additives in diesel fuels (Journal of Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils. 2011. No. 5).
  • Disposal of trapped oil by their application in the production of fuel oil (Journal of Environmental protection in the oil and gas sector. 2012. No. 7)
  • Correlation of the adhesive properties of petroleum paving asphalts and high-melting paraffin content (2011 Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils, 47 (1), pp. 48-52.)
Projects and grants
  • 2011-2014 State Assignment of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Study of the effect of surfactants on the mechanisms and kinetics parameters of processes in heterogeneous liquid-phase systems.
International academic cooperation
  • An International Research Team with the participation of Professor M.R. Buhmaiser, Department of Macromolecular Materials and Fiber Chemistry of the Institute of Polymer Chemistry, University of Stuttgart (Germany).
  • Intensification of oil and gas processing and petrochemical processes based on the study into surface phenomena and properties of heterogeneous liquid-phase systems when exposed to surface-active components.


  • Chemical Technology of Fuel and Carbon Materials;
  • Technology of Petrochemical Synthesis;
  • Field Treatment of Oil, Gas and Water.

Training of Personnel with Higher Professional Education: 

  • "Chemical Technology of Natural Energy and Carbon Materials";
  • Undergraduate chemical technology course "Chemical Technology of Natural Fuels and Carbon Materials".

Training of Research and Teaching Staff:

  • Post-graduate Course "Chemical Technology of Fuel and High-Energy Substances".