Waste treatment. There are a lot of interesting facts to talk about

Waste treatment. There are a lot of interesting facts to talk about

The beginning of the academic year started from classes given by the foreign lecturers  for bachelor and master degree students and academic staff.

Perm Tech meets the guests from Serbia, University of Novi Sad, Engineering ecology department. Doctor of science Nemanya Stanisavlevich and doctor of science Boyan Batinich  gave classes covering the following topics:

1) Solid waste system in Serbia;

2) Using the material flow analysis illustrated by plastic waste as an example;

3) Intelligent systems in SMW.

There were a huge interest to the classes and students and academic staff of the environmental protection department asked questions to the Serbian colleagues, that led to the fantastic discussion on the topic.

Collaboration with University of Novi Sad is based on the joint research project "System development for intelligent recyclate collection" implemented by international research group (IRG 30).

It was the first time guests from Serbia visited Russia. That is why Russian colleagues showed them the main sights of the Perm City, tasted ethic cuisine , attended Perm State Art Gallery. Serbian colleagues were very pleased with hospitality.

We are following the events.

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