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Mine operators conference at Perm Tech

Mine operators conference at Perm Tech

11 November 2019 127

21 October, 2019 Perm Tech was a platform for Volga Federal District mine operators conference.

The main reason for organizing the conference was the natural recourses potential of Perm Krai which is amounts to 321 bln US dollars. Perm Krai rank the 4th among the Russian Federation subjects for cumulative volume of the mineral recourses. Perm Krai has about 90 % of potassium salt, 60%- rock phosphate, 65 %- chromite ore dd. total amount of natural recourses stock. And it's a huge stock that is why the potential for further development of the mining industry is enormous.

During the conference the delegates and participants discussed the bottlenecks covering the  innovation and technological development of the industry, digitalization, environmental problems and HR-related matters.