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Larisa V. Rudakova

Larisa V. Rudakova

Larisa V. Rudakova
Doctor of Technical Sciences

Tel./fax: +7 (342) 2-391-482

E-mail: larisa@eco.pstu.ac.ru


 Professor of Environmental Protection Faculty, PNRPU

  • Criteria for evaluation of waste production of soda ash // Ecology and Industry of Russia. - 2011. – No.5. - P.44-47.
  • The use of bioreactor technology in the reduction of oil-contaminated soils // Protection of the environment in the oil and gas sector. - 2011. – No. 7 - P.35-38.
  • Management of solid waste landfill based on biotechnological principles // Ecology and Industry of Russia. - 2011. – No.5 - P. 35-39.
  • Experience in the use of hydraulic structures for the joint tertiary sewage treatment by a group of companies of large industrial complex by the example of Berezniki, Perm Krai // Ecology and Industry of Russia. - 2011. – No.5 - P.28-31.
  • Study of the possibility to increase the efficiency of sorption tertiary treatment of biochemically treated wastewater of refinery // Environmental Protection in the Oil and Gas Sector. - 2011. – No.7 - P.27-30.
  • Investigation of physical immobilization of hydrocarbon oxidizing microorganisms on porous surface of carbonizate // Environmental Protection in the Oil and Gas Sector. - 2012. – No.7 - P.10 -14.
  • Development of initial data for the design of pilot bioreactor for bioremediation of oil-contaminated soils //
  • Development of technology remediation soil contaminated by oil using gumikom (2013) Neftyanoe Khozyaistvo - Oil Industry, (10), pp. 128-131.
  • Technological basis of obtaining biosorbents on the base of modified carbon-containing waste for oil contaminated soils treatment (2013) Neftyanoe Khozyaistvo - Oil Industry, (9), pp. 114-117.
  • Hygienic assessment of waste of soda production. (2013) Gigiena i sanitariia, (2), pp. 30-33.
Projects and grants
  • 2011-2014 State Assignment of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Investigation of regularities in production of sorbents and biosorbents in integrated processing of carbonaceous wastes.
International academic cooperation
  • Vienna University of Technology (Austria);
  • Free University of Amsterdam (Netherlands);
  • Higher School in Wiesbaden (Germany);
  • Institute of Landscape Architecture Osnabruck (Germany)
  • European Environmental Management Courses - EPCEM (Netherlands).

Environmental biotechnology:

  • development and intensification of technologies of biological wastewater treatment;
  • biotechnological methods of disposal of domestic and industrial organic waste, deodorizing and cleaning of gas emissions;
  • immobilization of microorganisms and production of biosorbents.
  • Comprehensive assessment of the state of the environment, and development of environmental monitoring anthropogenic pollution sources.
  • Ecological education.

“Fundamentals of Ecology”, "Ecology of the Technosphere", "Chemistry and Microbiology of Water", "Chemistry and Technology of Water Treatment", "Biochemical Methods of Processing of Industrial Waste."

Training of Personnel with Higher Education:

  • "Safety of the Technosphere", Speciality - "Environmental Engineering".
  • Master degree programs: "Disposal and Recycling of Industrial Wastes", "Strategy of Steady Development of Urban Areas", "Engineering Protection of Hydrosphere Objects".

Training of Research and Teaching Staff:

  • Ecology (Biological Sciences).
  • Ecology (Engineering Sciences).