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Aleksandr A. Inozemtzev

Aleksandr A. Inozemtzev

Aleksandr A. Inozemtzev
Doctor of Technical Sciences

Tel./fax: +7 (342) 2-391-361

E-mail: kaf-ad@cpl.pstu.ac.ru

  • Head of Aeroplane Engines Department at PNRPU;
  • Chief Designer at OAO Aviadvigatel.


  • Improvement of the Efficiency of Nozzle Vanes and Blades of Gas Turbine with the Use of Non-Axially Symmetric End Surfaces of Blade Passages (Thermal Engineering, issue 9, Moscow, 2012).
  • Prediction of Emission Characteristics Using the Reactor Model of Combustion Chamber (Russian Aeronautics, vol. 54, issue 1, Kazan, 2011).
  • The Use of Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnologies to Make Hollow Structures (Russian Nanotechnologies, vol. 5, issues 1-2, Moscow, 2010).
  • On the Program of Production of Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines of MS-21 Aircrafts the Fifth-Generation (Bulletin of the Perm Research Centre, issue 4, Perm, 2010).
  • Gas Turbine Engines for Highways of New Generation (Gas Turbine Technologies, issue 6, Rybinsk, 2009).
  • Engines of New Generation of Thrust Class of 9-18 tons Is Number One Priority (Vzlyot, issue 6, Moscow, 2009).
  • Power-Generating and Industrial Gas-Turbine Plants Based on Aircraft By-Pass Engines Produced by Aviadvigatel OAO. 
  • Principles of Conversion (Heavy Engineering Industry, issue 9, Moscow, 2009).
  • PS-90A Aircraft Engine (Moscow, Libra-K, 2007 // Manual).
  • Principles of Design of Aircraft Engines and Power Plants, T.1-5 (Moscow, Engineering Industry, 2008 // Manual).


Projects and grants

As a part of the Federal Target Program of the Development of Civil Aviation in Russia in the Years 2002-2010 and Up to the Year 2015 to execute the public contracts with the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation, Aviadvigatel OAO under the contracts with Oboronprom OAO performed the following work (jet engine): Marketing, Aviadvigatel (2008-2009); Gas genetaror, Aviadvigatel (2008-2010); Concept, Aviadvigatel (2008-2010); Maturity, Aviadvigatel (2009-2011); Technologies, Aviadvigatel (2009-2011); PD-14, Aviadvigatel (2011-2012); Testing PD-14, Avidvigatel (2012-2014).

International academic cooperation
  •  Member of AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics).

Gas turbine technology:

  • development of principles of conceptual design of aircraft engines with a high bypass ratio for medium- and long-haul aircraft;
  • elaboration of gas turbine equipment design methods using multi-level system of mathematical models of physical processes in the compressor, combustor and turbine based on advanced information technologies;
  • elaboration of methods and strategies of management of service life of gas-turbine equipment without bench developments; including construction of systems of technical diagnostics and monitoring to ensure safe and reliable operation;
  • development of research and engineering concept of construction of modular-container electric power stations with high efficiency gas-turbine drives based on the converted aircraft engines providing high performance and environmental characteristics.


  • Introduction to Profession.

Training of Personnel with Higher Education:

  • Specialty Design of Aircraft and Rocket Engines;
  • Master degree: speciality Aircraft Engines.

Training of Research and Educational Personnel:

  • Thermal Electric Rocket Engines and Power Plants for Aircrafts;
  • 5 PhDs.